Friday, February 26, 2010

ok, frustration, you win this time...

i keep getting pissed off at my mom. she's always up in mah biznass. so obnoxious. i know that it is only because i am expecting this vibration from her... and i want to expect a different vibration from her, but this is all i've known.

i can appreciate her for the contrast she is living, which is creating great expansion in the universe. i can appreciate her for the creative ideas she often has. but it's hard to do that all the time... i think i'll just stay away from her, because i don't know how to regard her without activating low vibrations within myself.

i want to get out of here. i want to be independent. i am getting impatient! i need to go to my Source Well and fill up. i need to do that every day.

don't know what else to write. feel like i've been blocking myself creatively.


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