Friday, February 19, 2010

silly anxiety, bad feelings are for grown ups!

i am getting better and better every day. i'm finding it easier and easier to feel happiness at any given moment just by desiring it and searching for it and holding onto it. it's so good to know that it really is that easy!

i've been using EFT to clear a lot of negative feelings, and it has done wonders! i feel like my mind is so much clearer than it has been in so long. i notice more and more often when there is an absence of thought, and when i notice a lapse in thought, i fill my mind with loving thoughts of myself and those people in my life who bring me joy. i am so thankful for this new fresh mind i am creating, because it was getting really difficult to choose my own thoughts amidst the mire of rambling nonsense that once occupied my headspace! i feel clearer and more able to focus than i ever have before.

for a minute today, i was thinking about bonnaroo. you see, there is a contest i am going to win, and the 5 winners of this contest will receive a $10,000 grant to go on an international reporting mission with the Pulitzer Center. this is awesome! and i'm so excited that this opportunity came to me (via facebook!). but i started worrying that if i go on this trip, it could very well be at the same time as bonnaroo. and i really want to go to bonnaroo this year! the flaming lips are opening! you have no idea how significant this is to me! about a week before i found this out, i was thinking to myself "wouldn't it be wonderful if the flaming lips came to bonnaroo this year?" and i got that tingly-all-over feeling that i get when i connect really hard with the universe. and the next day i found out they are going to be in a nearby town in the spring, and that a friend of mine from Fest 8 will be going! the universe lined up two shows by my favorite band over the span of less than a month! how awesome! but still i worry that there could be a chance that bonnaroo would conflict with the international trip. and it was causing me a bit of negative emotion to think about this. and then i remembered that negative emotion is only experienced when your thoughts are not in alignment with Source. and so i must look at these things with a new perspective. a grander, more trusting and knowing perspective.

i trust that the universe has brought me exactly what i have asked for, and that i am getting everything i desire. i trust that the universe is not taunting and teasing in nature, and that i would not have these desires if it were not within the capabilities of the universe to make them happen for me. i need not worry that perhaps the universe has made a mistake, and that i would have to choose between two equally desired outcomes. i trust that the universe has brought these opportunities to me for a reason, and that they are lined up in perfect sequence so that i may go to bonnaroo AND see the world with the pulitzer center. and how wonderful it will be when i get to experience these wonderful things that i have asked for and that Source has provided! how wonderful it is to know that the universe is taking care of my desires in such unique and beautiful ways, and that it is doing its best to surprise me in how things happen! isn't it wonderful that i know where i want to go, and that i can take such easy steps to get there! just choose thoughts that feel better and better and better! just keep floating downstream and allow the goodness to flow towards me! i am so thankful that it really is this easy! i am so thankful for all the exciting adventures on which i am embarking every day!

i love my life! it is so full of wonder and excitement! my life is so rich with amazing opportunities for creation and adventure! i love exploring this planet and finding new desires and passions within me! i love meeting like-minded people and seeing how they expand the universe in such unique and beautiful ways through the experience of life! i adore myself and my lust for life and all that this universe has to offer! i am hungry for it! give me more, universe! i desire more and more and more! it is so good! keep giving it to me! YESSSS!

hahaha, sex with the universe=PURE CREATION AT ITS BEST.

loving all of you!

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