Sunday, February 7, 2010

a brief update?

life is awesome.

the day before yesterday, i set my intention for yesterday to contain serendipitous encounters. well, it sure did!

i went to see a show at a bar downtown, and i ended up meeting two people whom i had met this summer and haven't seen since. both of these guys are aquarius. and they happen to be best friends with each other! one guy i met in the lot after a phish show. the other guy i met in a bar in my town. how weird, right? i love it! the universe always sneaks up on me, even when my requests are answered. i ask for something, and the universe comes up with the most surprising way of giving it to me!

so today is superbowl sunday, and i'm going to my first ever superbowl party! yay! i'm a gwown up now!

i don't pay much attention to sports. at least, not watching them. how boring, to watch sports being played on television rather than to just do them yourself. but that's just me. i like running around and playing, and if i'm sitting down to watch a box of light, i'd like to learn something from it rather than just numb my mind.

i love my life and all the people in it! i know so many people! i've passed through so many tribes of kids so far in my incarnation. i'm excited to create my own tribe.

tonight is gonna be fun! i'm gonna meet and interact with lots of awesome people and it feels soooooo goooooood!


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