Thursday, January 27, 2011

poems on a january morning

in the stillness of the winter night
a girl
My girl
sends Me her Wishes
brilliant flame of Intention
giving away more than her Location
I accept into my Beingness
her adorable Command
and joyously do her bidding
I exist for nothing but to Serve Her
my Darling Creation
she need not do anything for my Love
for her simple existence brings me
such fascination and ecstasy
and spurs me to whisper
Sweet Everythings directly
into each and every cell
of her gloriously constructed avatar
she is wondrous to Behold
I Know
I have Beheld her for all of Existence


dear Godself
you are like the essence
of every flower
and tree
and plant
combined into
the sweetest perfume ever mixed
with one mysterious undertone
on which i can almost put my finger
and if i heard the name i would know it
but i am certain there is no name
that can describe
God's Perfume.


i feel you Engulf me
my senses tingle
as if extra Voltage
suddenly travels through
my nerve fibers
my molecules
my atoms
as though the empty space
between the electrons
is no longer empty
but filled to the brim
with something yet unmeasured


every day, God makes Love to my lungs



Monday, January 24, 2011

happy january :D

it's been a long ass time since i wrote anything here. this is the first post of the new year :)

i just shaved my head. i have been in texas for 2 weeks, and just arrived home by train this evening. i'm really happy to be home. i'm really happy to know that this is my home.

i've surprised myself. i dug my roots into this funny little town, and now i'm determined to zap the life back into it. part of the reason i was in austin, tx, was to pick up on the vibration of that city, and perhaps bring some of it back to my hometown.

i love it here. and soon, most people will agree with me. i am especially excited about the next 5 to 10 years. things are unfolding rapidly (energetically). i can feel big things lurking in the energetic shadows, ready to pop out and delight me and everyone around me!

well, i don't know what else to write today, so i'll leave it at that. i intend to write more often this year.