Monday, January 24, 2011

happy january :D

it's been a long ass time since i wrote anything here. this is the first post of the new year :)

i just shaved my head. i have been in texas for 2 weeks, and just arrived home by train this evening. i'm really happy to be home. i'm really happy to know that this is my home.

i've surprised myself. i dug my roots into this funny little town, and now i'm determined to zap the life back into it. part of the reason i was in austin, tx, was to pick up on the vibration of that city, and perhaps bring some of it back to my hometown.

i love it here. and soon, most people will agree with me. i am especially excited about the next 5 to 10 years. things are unfolding rapidly (energetically). i can feel big things lurking in the energetic shadows, ready to pop out and delight me and everyone around me!

well, i don't know what else to write today, so i'll leave it at that. i intend to write more often this year.


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