Wednesday, August 17, 2011

God is in the Puke

recently i began working as a bartender at a local bar. it's a great job! i make a lot of money on a steady basis, and i'm basically facilitating the good times of everyone who comes in.

last night, however, i had my first puke cleanup.

i was thoroughly grossed-out by the idea of having to do this task, and was putting it off, hoping someone else would pick up the job for me. but i went into the kitchen to put in a load of dishes, and as i was coming out, this phrase came into my mind:

"God is in the puke."

i instantly cracked up, and my resistance to the nasty cleaning job lifted. i put on some rubber gloves and cleaned up that puke like it was nobody's business.

sometimes life just presents itself, and whether we like it or not, we are experiencing it. but it is all the same Stuff. it is all coming from the same Source. it is all coming from and going back to Love.

the best way to feel good about all of it is to remember that it's all Go(o)d.

yes, even puke is part of God.

the phoenix

Monday, August 1, 2011

the Heart's embrace of the entire Universe

this last week, my vibration has sped up so much that i am currently riding on a high and exciting wave of love and appreciation!

and i did this!

i remembered the importance of feeling uncomfortable emotions, and i began asking the emotions what the story was that was creating the feeling. then i recognized that, because the emotion felt uncomfortable, it meant that the story was pointed in the opposite direction of Source. i began gently guiding my story back towards Source.

gradually, my mood began to shift! i've also been listening to Abraham Hicks again, and it is amazing how uplifted and soothed i am by Esther's voice as she speaks as Abraham. i am immediately reminded of my power and the love that surrounds me.

so today i began in hope and optimism, and i recognized it and i just appreciated myself for being there. i stabilized there for a little while, and then i began creeping up the emotional scale. i got myself an iced coffee and chatted with my friend who works at the shop i got it from. it was delicious (i LOVE black iced coffee, and haven't had a cup in a few weeks). then i went to the YMCA (getting a membership there was the best choice i could make for myself) for my first day of kickboxing class! it was so much fun, and i really worked my body hard! it was great. then, immediately afterward, i got to do yoga with my friend who teaches the class. i thought i was going to miss yoga today because the class i usually go to was at the same time as kickboxing, but then i saw my friend walk in and i was like "OMG yoga today?!" and so physically i feel great. then after that, i went to my special tree friend and rampaged so much appreciation all over myself and my life.

then tonight i was texting my friend, and he told me he was feeling a little hungover. so i offered to send him some healing/soothing energy. he agreed, and as i was sending it, i just felt my heart open so wide. it felt amazing. but then i started thinking about some uncomfortable moments and interactions i had had recently that had been bothering me a little bit, and i was still feeling my heart incredibly wide open, and i felt like my heart grew arms and pulled into its loving embrace all of the people i had tried to "push out" of my experience. it felt so good. it still feels good.

it made me realize that that must be what causes friction between people... we "push out" an aspect of ourselves that we have decided isn't worthy of love, and then we see it in other people and we get angry with them or feel hurt by them or judge them in some way. and simultaneously we express in an out-of-balance way that same aspect of ourselves. but the universe consists of everything, and all of it is "worthy" of love! worthiness isn't even a question, because it all IS love and there is no judgement of where the love should go. there is nowhere for it to go, it just is. there is nowhere it cannot be. and so, by embracing these aspects of ourselves, represented by others who have "harmed us," we acknowledge that "i am all of this universe, and i am completely lovable and loved. i love mySelf completely!"

eeeeeee! i feel so good right now! it is so fantastic to be alive!

the phoenix