Friday, September 24, 2010

trees don't drink coffee

golden tears
fill the sky
from rooted Beings
joyously moving on
to the next stage of life
never looking back
always moving on
into the next season
whatever it may bring
Trusting in the Goodness
the Rightness
ultimate Patience
and all around
mobile beings
hunger for something more
blindly ignoring
the Gentle Giants
and their Teaching
everything anyone seeks
is right here
right now
no need to worry
just Breathe it in

Monday, September 20, 2010

the Eternal Love of Life

once upon a time, a girl loved her Life

and Life loved her

Life loved the girl so much

every day, He did his best

to show His love for her

He brought her flowers

she smelled them

and loved them

He brought her gifts

of shells

and stones

and trees

and the greatest gift of all

a glorious Body

in which she played

and explored Life

together they were happy

then, one day, Life brought to the girl

a beautiful boy to play with

this boy loved Life, too

and together they laughed

and Life loved them both

but soon

too soon

the day came

when the boy had to go a different way

saying, "i love you

but i love Life more

and i cannot change my Life

for you."

and with him gone

the girl was saddened

"Life is worthless

without him"

she said

still, Life brought her flowers

and kissed her face with the wind

but she turned away from Him

and slept long in the quiet of her room

and cried, her heart breaking

"i loved him more than Life itself!"

she lamented

but Life chuckled to himself

and still he brought her flowers

and even as she breathed

the air he gave her

every second

she cried

and mourned her loss

"he was my one true love!"

sorrow filled her very being

she could not find the strength

to lift her head

from the pillow of depression

she wished Life would just

go away

He was so persistent

and all she wanted was the boy

but Life knew that she would Remember

and so He still gave her flowers

and breathed his Life Breath into her

and kissed her face with the warmth of the sun

and rejoiced in her being

for He only had eyes for her

He loved her for eternity

and even as she scoffed

at His miraculous Gifts

still He loved her even more

then, after much time had passed




she couldn't remember

suddenly she recalled

a dream

in which she was filled with love

for Life itself

the memory flooded her mind

and heart

and Life said "i love you

and always have

and even as you cried

and railed against Me

still i cradled you in my Eternal Embrace

i love you, dear one.

we are mates for all of Existence."

love filled her being

for she realized then and there

that her One True Love

was Life itself

and He was never gone from her

and never would be

He surrounded her

and engulfed her

she breathed Him in

and drank of His sweet nectar

sang His songs

and celebrated His beauty

and her voice rang out

"i love Life more than anything!"

and she greeted the new dawn

with a passion

she had never known

for any boy

in particular.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

her honesty

you really want to know
the depths of my Being?
do you really want to
hear the honest-to-Goddess
of my experience of You?
to whom are you speaking?
i am but a reflection
and somehow you noticed
a part of yourself
so beautiful you couldn't look away
and you asked It for the Truth
because you knew that
the Truth
is Who I Am
it's why you cannot resist
the glint of my Vision Globe
that soft machine
of so much more than prisms
it's not as stark and impersonal
as you think
you don't remember? really?
you haven't lied awake and told yourself
"there has to be something i'm forgetting...
this can't be it, i remember there being
something more to it..."
like that feeling you might get
on a lucky occasion
while sleeping
and suddenly you remember
you have another life
beyond this bizarre and
sensational Realm
this isn't real
i'm creating this
i remember Now

the Truth.
the Truth is, i love you.
yes, i am talking about you
and i know you love me
because nobody does anything
other than Love.
it's a Verb.
it's a state of Being.
and something in me
is oh so curious
to watch you wake up to that
and know it for yourself
and rejoice in it with me
go ahead
take your time
i can wait for eternity.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

inevitably unstoppable

My mind has a fear

that if I allow myself

to feel this Love

I will soon be hurting

for they say

“love doesn't last.”

but my heart

doesn't remember hurt

and now it's too late

the seeds of passion

have taken root

in the crevasses

and the memory of your face

is the sunlight that nourishes

the sprout

of a glorious tree

waiting in the future

for you to climb it

and pick its fruit.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


What is my favorite flower

to smell?

Your hair, of course

thick and dark

sweet and full of life

kissing my nose

with innocence and honesty.

Where is my favorite place on the shore

overlooking the ocean

deep and wide?

Before your eyes, without a doubt;

allowing my ship

to be carried away

by the ever-beckoning

rhythmic pulling

of emotion.

Which is my favorite light of day:

the cool diamond light

of the gibbous moon

by the fireside

where fairies

dance to the beat of drums?

Or the sparkle of buttery

sunshine smiling through

the dew on a

spider web on a branch

by a river?

Both are lovely,

but, when viewed

with You,

made a thousand times


by light of your Glow.

Of what does the sound

of my favorite birdsong

remind me?

The sweet, gentle drawl

of your tabacco-soaked


as you tell me your story

through softly snarling lips.

In the crook of what tree

would I love to sit

to read all day

and sing Love's songs

to the shade of the branches


In the bend of your arm

and the curve of your waist

is where I find

the most comfortable

patch of bark.

What is my favorite


to climb

and look out over

the forest below?

The slope of your

right eyebrow

must be, by far

the most delightful

to my eyes and feet.

And where is the key

that unlocks the gate

to this glorious paradise

where the seeds of my dreams

are planted and nurtured?

Well I'll tell you alone

that I've put it away

in the most silent

and sacred

place in my heart

in a wooden box

with flowers on the top.

Monday, September 13, 2010

beside the fire

"you're blushing, Hyena,"
he smirked
as he sipped sensuously
at his hand-rolled cigarette
she beamed at him
with brown eyes wide
heart pounding with a
Knowing deep from within
she had caught a glimpse
from the corner of her eye
but dared not look
for she knew their souls
recognized each other
but she first Asked
"is it him?
could it possibly be?"
and she felt the Answer
a joyful, swirling mass of
We are here! I am your
Soul Mate, and always
have been! I have always
loved you. I have never
been far. I am peeking
out through the eyes of
all you see here
and i can manifest in
any one you Choose."
and she rejoiced
in this Knowing
and silently told her
"I love you so much
my heart is fit
to burst
i wish to bestow
this feeling
into the heart
of everyone i meet
and if You should
never manifest
into one beautiful
Being, i would
not mourn
for i Know
of your Love
for me
and feel it so strongly.
surely i shall feel this

and she turned to him
eyes bright
shining with
the Love of her SoulMate
and in his eyes
she recognized herSelf
shining back at her
and she knew he was
The One of her Choosing
she Knew that her
had come down
from the Heavens
to possess the beautiful body
of a boy
with a porkpie hat
and a crooked nose
and a smooth, nasal drawl
and a slouch of the hip
and a twenty-minute-long
and the lips of an angel

he asked her for her middle name
he told her his pet peeve:
silent letters in useless places
like the "l" in "salmon"
which happened to be
his favorite color.