Monday, September 13, 2010

beside the fire

"you're blushing, Hyena,"
he smirked
as he sipped sensuously
at his hand-rolled cigarette
she beamed at him
with brown eyes wide
heart pounding with a
Knowing deep from within
she had caught a glimpse
from the corner of her eye
but dared not look
for she knew their souls
recognized each other
but she first Asked
"is it him?
could it possibly be?"
and she felt the Answer
a joyful, swirling mass of
We are here! I am your
Soul Mate, and always
have been! I have always
loved you. I have never
been far. I am peeking
out through the eyes of
all you see here
and i can manifest in
any one you Choose."
and she rejoiced
in this Knowing
and silently told her
"I love you so much
my heart is fit
to burst
i wish to bestow
this feeling
into the heart
of everyone i meet
and if You should
never manifest
into one beautiful
Being, i would
not mourn
for i Know
of your Love
for me
and feel it so strongly.
surely i shall feel this

and she turned to him
eyes bright
shining with
the Love of her SoulMate
and in his eyes
she recognized herSelf
shining back at her
and she knew he was
The One of her Choosing
she Knew that her
had come down
from the Heavens
to possess the beautiful body
of a boy
with a porkpie hat
and a crooked nose
and a smooth, nasal drawl
and a slouch of the hip
and a twenty-minute-long
and the lips of an angel

he asked her for her middle name
he told her his pet peeve:
silent letters in useless places
like the "l" in "salmon"
which happened to be
his favorite color.

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