Thursday, August 26, 2010

spontaneous poems written on some coffee shop napkins

there is no need for such sad
puppy dog eyes
do you need an apology
to make you feel better?
it will be no better than an aspirin
or a good bong rip
eventually the pain will come back
in some form or another
and you'll wonder to yourself
"why is this happening again?
it feels so familiar
it seems i know nothing else..."

love is not what we shared
love is what happens when
you are so in love with yourSelf
that nobody else matters
and when two people
so full of love for themselves
come together
that is when sparks fly
i don't want anything less


i have been told i am "full of myself"
who else am i supposed to be full of?
who are you trying to fill yourself with?
not me, i hope.
you wouldn't like leftovers
especially when your own Self
so fresh and beautiful
tastes so much more delicious
than anything i could offer you.


the moon is a big pink mirror
reflecting back my one prayer
to know myself
to hear the truth
to love All That Is

but what happens after the moon wanes away?
where does that prayer go?
off into the darkness
to the end of the universe?
or does it disperse
into the ether
dissolving like sugar in a cup of black coffee
perhaps to come back to me tomorrow
through the eyes of some bystander...


Ode To A Chocolate Strawberry Milkshake

if only you could have lasted a little bit longer
so sweet
filling my experience with flavor
i try to deny
that my cup will soon be empty
but when the annoying
oh so obnoxious
sound of wet air
slurps through my straw
i cannot fool either of us further
O, plastic cup
you have nothing more to offer me
is it so crass
to throw you in the trash?
there will be more milkshakes in my future
but you were delicious while you lasted.

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