Wednesday, August 18, 2010

day of creation

today is a little bit lazy for me. i'm feeling good, i'm having fun imagining my life the way i want it to be. i'm loving my creation. i'm feeling a relaxed expectation.

it's a little bit rainy and gloomy outside, so i'm sort of lounging about... i'll snooze and read tarot cards for a little bit, and then i'll ride my bike around and look at things. i have fun riding my bike! i live in such a beautiful town, there are so many old gnarly buildings to look at and plenty of beautiful trees and hills. the weather this summer has been spectacular. the perfect variety of rain, sun, humid, dry. it's awesome.

i'm so excited about moving to austin! every day i wake up and it's the first thing i think about! and i think about it all day and then i go to sleep thinking about it, imagining it, dreaming it. it feels so good to imagine! it feels so good to daydream! now i remember what it was like when i was a kid, i was always dreaming something up. dreaming up my new treehouse. dreaming up my VW Bus (which i'm still dreaming up today! it's actually a possibility now :D). dreaming up my 7-floor mansion with pool, spa, and a different theme on every floor. dreaming up my kitchen and all the details. dreaming up whatever i could dream up about my future! when i was a kid, i just KNEW i would be rich and have whatever i wanted in my house! i just KNEW i would get everything i desired! and for some reason i forgot, but that's ok, because it just caused my desire to become stronger. so strong, in fact, that now that i am aligning with the good feeling of the desire, pure desire, it MUST come! ooooh, i love it! i love love love love love knowing the laws of creation.

life is becoming easier and easier, more and more fun, more and more delicious, more and more beautiful! i love living on this planet, full of so many amazing things to see and experience, taste and touch, hear and smell! i love my physical body and all of its abilities and sensing capabilities. i love knowing that i create my life with the power of my focused thoughts! i love saturating my mind with the desire and the feeling and the image of my home in austin, tx. i love knowing that abundance comes to me when i'm feeling this good! i love knowing that i have a divine inheritance that flows easily into my experience. i love being free and independent, and i LOVE giving of my abundance. i love buying treats for people. i love buying dinner for friends. i love grocery shopping and buying whatever food i want! i love having my own place and filling it with things i love. i love being surrounded by amazing people who are beautiful and creative and growing right alongside me. i love having deep, trusting, and loving friendships. i love intimacy with creative and beautiful men. i love my life and all it brings to me every day. i love it! i love living here! i love my creation! i love talking about how much i love my life! hahahahahaha!


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