Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Free at Last, I Am Free at Last

i want you to know that there is nothing to fear.

i want you to know that freedom is something that cannot be taken away. it is born within us, an inherent state of Being. we may choose to become distracted by illusions of bondage. we may choose to experience the feeling of being trapped. but these choices are truly indicators of exactly how free we are.

freedom is not something that can be quantified, defined, mandated, or granted.

freedom is a feeling.

you cannot take away a feeling.

feelings are something over which we humans have full control. we can create whatever feeling we like. indeed, we do so every day. every form of art, music, film, and literature is created with the intention of invoking a feeling. our feelings stem from the stories we tell ourselves, and the stories we tell each other.

many people today are telling a very frightening story. many people are telling stories of how we will lose our freedom. of how we have already lost so much of our freedom, and "They" want to take the rest away. some people are telling the story of how we will not let "Them" take our freedom. that we will fight to the death to protect our freedom from their greed and lies and corruption.

but a few people are telling a different story altogether. a few people are telling the story of how, no matter how big and scary the illusion is, it doesn't change how free we are. we are freedom, embodied.

we make choices every day. some of these choices illustrate our inherent freedom. others play into the illusion of being trapped. either way, our choices are made purely because we are free to make them.

no amount of guns, legislation, or dictatorship can ever suppress the natural Force of the Universe. nobody has ever taken away the freedom of another. if there has ever been the experience of lack of freedom, it is because we allowed the strength of the illusion to overpower the strength of our Knowing that not one person has power over another.

the greatest revolution that will happen, that is happening, on this planet... is the revolution within each of us. soon we will all know that the only ones who robbed us of our freedom were ourselves.

be well, my friends. remember your freedom, and fear not the big bad goings-on that surround us in these times. it will not last.