Thursday, September 16, 2010

her honesty

you really want to know
the depths of my Being?
do you really want to
hear the honest-to-Goddess
of my experience of You?
to whom are you speaking?
i am but a reflection
and somehow you noticed
a part of yourself
so beautiful you couldn't look away
and you asked It for the Truth
because you knew that
the Truth
is Who I Am
it's why you cannot resist
the glint of my Vision Globe
that soft machine
of so much more than prisms
it's not as stark and impersonal
as you think
you don't remember? really?
you haven't lied awake and told yourself
"there has to be something i'm forgetting...
this can't be it, i remember there being
something more to it..."
like that feeling you might get
on a lucky occasion
while sleeping
and suddenly you remember
you have another life
beyond this bizarre and
sensational Realm
this isn't real
i'm creating this
i remember Now

the Truth.
the Truth is, i love you.
yes, i am talking about you
and i know you love me
because nobody does anything
other than Love.
it's a Verb.
it's a state of Being.
and something in me
is oh so curious
to watch you wake up to that
and know it for yourself
and rejoice in it with me
go ahead
take your time
i can wait for eternity.