Sunday, February 21, 2010


i love learning lessons, putting the pieces together to see a new area of my life of which i needed awareness.

the past couple days, i've been feeling really social and charming. i was really milking it, and basically toying with every guy in my vicinity and getting them all to give me things and do things for me. it was fun while it lasted... but today i was feeling a little low and guilty and i tried to push it aside. but i realized as i was brushing my teeth that i have had guys do that to me and it felt awful. so even though i know these things about what abraham says... that the only person you have responsibility for is you and that you shouldn't worry about other people's vibrations... it doesn't mean i can just do anything to anybody and then say "well, it's not MY fault you feel this way, you should take responsibility for your OWN vibration!" that's a rather cruel way that a beautiful and liberating truth can be twisted. i'm glad i tested that out and figured out what that really was. it helped me to define the teachings a little more clearly in my own life.

i know i keep saying this, but i can really feel myself getting better and better every day!

i have, however, been slacking a little when it comes to taking care of my body. i've been eating lots of food, and most of it is carbs and junk. yes, i know that my body is resilient and that it can survive on almost anything, and that's awesome and such a blessing, but that doesn't mean i should be giving my body anything less than what it truly desires. my body desires fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts, and not much else. i've been forgetting that food is not just something that is pleasurable for the mouth. that's what leads to so much dysfunctional eating in this world. we are forgetting that at the end of our throat is our stomach, and our stomach has to do work to break down what we put into it. it's a super smart organ, and it can digest just about anything. but why not make its job as easy and pleasing as possible? why put high amounts of greasy, dense crap in our mouths just because it's physically enjoyable to feel it in our mouth and mash it up with our teeth? why do we say "shut up stomach, i know you feel like bursting, but my mouth isn't done masturbating yet. you'll just have to deal with one more bite, okay?!"

no more! i am either eating fresh and healthy vegetables and fruit, etc... or i am eating nothing at all. i much prefer being energized to being lethargic, and eating just because i can and i feel like it makes me SO LETHARGIC. and that's super unproductive. i am choosing to be productive and energized in my life experience. i am choosing to discipline myself into healthy and joyous habits! no more slacking! i am moving forward and taking control of my mouth! from now on, stomach first, mouth second!

i love learning lessons! life is so good! it's so fun to know how to navigate my mind and know how to get aligned no matter how far into the darkness i decide to explore at any given moment. i love it!

i love all of YOUUUUUUU!!!

be beautiful!


  1. I very much appreciate your perspective. Thanks for writing so much and sharing.

    On this one, I just want to offer an alternative version: The increase in brain size that accompanied our evolution was concomitant with our descent from the trees and hoisting of the spears. It was the addition of protein to our diet via hunting that made it possible. Hunting is very much literally who we are. It's our birth right. Factory farming is of course psychic warfare, but I cannot imagine not being a carnivore for life.

  2. hahhahahaha!

    The security word thingy I had to type to prove I am not a robot was 'demist'