Thursday, February 18, 2010

थे क़ुइक्क ब्रोव्न फोक्स जुम्प्स ओवर थे लज्य दोग

for some reason, my title decided to be in... hindi? it would be really cool to learn sanskrit.

if you have never heard of EFT, or if you have heard of it and haven't tried it, you should go try it right now. it's amazing, and just a few days of consistent tapping sessions has dramatically improved my mind. i find it so easy to clear away negative thoughts that try to peek in and settle down and make camp in my head, jabbering away at me with their incessant nonsense.

EFT (emotional freedom technique) is a system which uses tapping on certain points on the meridians (lines along which energy flows through the body, as established by acupuncture and ancient chinese medicine) combined with affirmations to reprogram the subconscious mind.

your subconscious mind consists of something like 90% of your brain activity, and it controls your bodily functions, your habits, and most of the thought patterns that you experience throughout the day. your subconscious is programmed during your early childhood. anything you pick up from the environment around you (ie your parents/authority figures/etc) is taken in and rooted into your brain's wiring. so if you have any kind of fear, like a fear of disapproval or of failure or anything else, it is likely that it was programmed into you by those around you when you were very little. fortunately, the brain is very plastic (maleable), and you can re-write your programming! and EFT is definitely the best method i've tried. other things like hypnosis are good too, but it's kinda hard to hypnotize yourself. once you learn the basics of EFT, you don't need to go to a professional. and it's free to learn.

i'm going to start making my own EFT sequences for specific blocks/fears/discomforts that i know i have:

-sex/discomfort with intimacy
-back/shoulder pain
-public speaking
-social interaction
-money (there are lots of videos on youtube that are about this!)
-creativity/creative inspiration
-sleep (too much, at the wrong time of day!)

yeah those are just a few. you can literally tap on ANYTHING. in the video i will show you, a man tapped away his multiple schlerosis!

loving all of you!

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