Monday, February 15, 2010

be magnificent!

i am claiming my magnificence and glory, here and now, and forever more. i am a powerful and creative godbeing and i love myself. i am the best me that ever walked the face of this earth. i have expanded the universe in unique and beautiful ways, and for this i deserve everything i have ever desired. i deserve wealth. i deserve beautiful experience. i deserve love from all directions, in every form i could ever ask for.

it is important that i claim these things, each and every day. you should do the same. claim your worth.

i really don't know what to write about. i feel like this has been a time of absorbing and learning for me, rather than spouting truth. you'll have to forgive me in this time of transformation. on the surface my life appears to be stagnant... but it's really a necessary period of rest and re-programming, in preparation for the upcoming adventures of the spring and summer. i'm excited for these adventures to come! and sometimes i wish they would hurry up and get here... but i am coming to realize more and more every day the value of this period of time. i am living for free right now. i have a room of my own and a SUPER comfortable bed, which i don't have to pay for. i have access to food all day every day, which i don't have to pay for. i have luxuries that many people in this world will never have the fortune to experience. and it's winter, so nothing is going on anyway! therefore, i get to hibernate and really use this time to rest my body and my mind and my heart and my soul. i have zero responsibilities, no obligations to anyone but myself and my vibration. i'm so lucky to have this vacation! i fought it tooth and nail, complaining of boredom and restlessness... worrying about not having money or a job. how silly of me! there's nothing to complain about! i am in an ideal situation right now for what needs to be experienced in my life. i needed to settle down for a minute, get my bearings, screw my head on straight, develop constructive habits (like meditating, and talking to myself HAHA!). i needed to hunker down and sleep off the whirlwind that has been my life for so long.

wow. after typing that, i realize how very true it is. i haven't had a period of rest in my life in a very long time. not since i was a kid. ever since high school it's been homework homework homework, follow rules, listen to other people's orders, be here on time, wake up at this time, go here at that time, do this because i told you to, do that because otherwise you'll fail. i'm really glad i can just sit, and be, and feel. i have absolutely nothing that i have to do. it took a minute to get used to that, but i'm really liking it! and when spring is here it will feel so good to thaw out and ease back into life with new vigor and excitement!

i love typing, because things really flow out of me that wouldn't flow if i was writing by hand. i can type much faster than i can write. funny enough, when i first had to learn how to type in school i hated it and i thought i would never learn. then i got instant messenger, and i learned so quickly! i never really did click with conventional school. it was all so ridiculous. in the beginning it was way too easy and i aced everything and didn't learn. then i got to high school and we actually had to do work, and i wasn't used to it. and i knew everything, and was smarter than most kids in grades above me. but i didn't like to do homework. and if i didn't understand the way something was taught, i just tuned it out and didn't get it. like math. math is awesome, and i understand it really well if it is taught to me in a way that i can understand. such is the way with a lot of things. like typing. now i'm really good at typing, better than my parents. i almost never have type-o's.

i'm so great! i'm so great! lol.

no for real, i'm pretty great. thank goodness for that.

ok, now i'm just getting goofy. it's 5:07am and i'm only awake because i woke up from a nightmare at 2. there was a dead boar on the street in front of the bus i had just gotten off. i went across the street, and suddenly the boar was coming after me. when i woke up, the last thought in my mind was "i was becoming the boar."

i don't quite know what it means.

anyway, hope all y'all had a happy valentine's day. or as my good friend says, happy "singles awareness day."



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  1. you have no idea what kind of smithereened synchronicity I just had about the boar. You just brought a magical explosion day full circle.