Wednesday, February 10, 2010

finding the balance

so my latest lesson is in finding the balance between selfishness and selflessness.

it is important to be selfish in this way: every single human being has access to all of the wealth and opportunity and excitement that Source has to offer. nobody needs to give up their fortune in order for others to be able to have some. the universe is so abundant that everyone can have HUGE amounts of prosperity and joy. therefore, being excited and thankful for one's wealth, and selfishly maintaining a vibration which matches that of wealth, is important!

but if you expect the universe to bless you with your "veritable fortune" as Abraham-Hicks says, then you need to offer a vibration of givingness rather than takingness.

there's a difference between receiving the gifts of the universe, and trying to take from the universe. it's a subtle difference, but it's quite clear. and i think what i've been doing a lot is taking. i can feel the vibration of manipulation within me. i can recognize when i'm making a point to let the people around me know that i hope to receive something. i don't think this is how it's supposed to work! i'm pretty sure that when the universe gives, it gives freely and not because i have to try and get it out of my friends or relatives.

i realized this after receiving the second scam in two weeks. i got a letter saying i had won $250,000, and a check for $4900+ which was meant to pay for taxes. i took it to the bank and asked if it was for real, and they told me it was not. but i'd been so excited! for a second i glimpsed the potential of having a fortune which i could tap into at any time, which would allow me to do EVERYTHING i've been wanting to do.

i'm still trusting that the universe is gonna pull through and surprise me with something grand. everything always works out like that. it's the rushing and the impatience that blocks things up. manifestations take time. so i'm quite sure that by the time bonnaroo rolls around (have you seen the lineup??? it's AWESOME!), the money i've been wishing for will have manifested. i'm so thankful for the universe and it's cleverness. i'm probably going to make madd bank in some crazy way that i can't even imagine. i'm stoked to find out what that will be!

so i was looking on craigslist at nanny jobs. one post wasn't even offering monetary compensation, just a room. i realized that i'm living at my parents' house for free, and i might as well be making an effort to clean up around the place. if i was working or staying at someone else's house, i would feel compelled to clean up just because. and i like cleaning. i don't know what it is about being at my house that makes me forget how much i love cleaning other people's houses. why not pretend i'm at someone else's place and just clean? or just pretend that i'm at my own house and it is my responsibility to clean my own place. that way, i'm offering a vibration of "being-at-my-own-place-ness," which (according to the law of attraction, which is always in place) HAS to be matched by a situation in which i am actually at my own place.

i love the way things work in this universe. and i'm so excited to be learning how to master myself and use the Laws to my advantage.

if you haven't checked out Abraham-Hicks, pleez do so! there's a post below that has a clip in it :)


PS. i'm really proud of myself for having figured out this lesson! i think i've been manipulating people for most of my life! it's awesome that i've just recognized that within myself and now understand how to take action to change that for the better! YES!

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