Sunday, January 31, 2010

wondrous changes!

if you haven't heard of Abraham-Hicks yet, you NEED to look them up on youtube. my life has literally changed DRAMATICALLY since i started listening to their wisdom two days ago!

we hear all of this stuff about manifesting and creating your own reality, and everyone has their own methods and everyone is saying their method is the best. it's all very confusing, and i had been feeling like i was missing something... that i was doing it wrong somehow. since coming across Abraham-Hicks, i am SO MUCH less worried about myself and my creation.

Esther Hicks is a woman who channels the wisdom of a group of 4th dimensional beings known collectively as Abraham. i know that sounds rather odd to some people, but it is amazing wisdom. i am so much happier than i was before i found them, and i was becoming pretty okay with my life and myself. but now i remember what it is like to be happy, and i don't think i've felt this good in a very long time. it's really wonderful!

i cannot describe the wisdom and do it justice. just go check it out on youtube. here's a good one:

i've been making an effort to go to the cemetery around the block from my house every morning to watch the sunrise. it's really wonderful! nobody goes in there at this time of year, and at the time of day i go, so it's a whole big area of hills and trees, and i can be completely alone there! i can shout my gratitude from the top of a hill! my recommendation to anyone reading this is to find a place in nature that you can easily access, where you can be completely alone and uninterrupted, and just go there for a little while every day. it makes such a big difference in one's well-being and that's all i want for anyone.

loving all of you!

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