Wednesday, January 6, 2010

an urgent request!

For anyone who is reading this: i am asking for help!

i've decided to return to school this spring semester. i have finally realized what i want the purpose of my education to be, and i'm excited to embark on a new part of my journey.

so here's where i need help! i have to pay off what i owe the school before they allow me to register for classes. so i am requesting that anyone who reads this, hold a vision of me in your mind, returning to school this spring without any problems. a little prayer for me please!

i love all of you, and i'm so thankful to anyone who reads my blog entries. i'm excited to go back to school! i'm looking forward to seeing all of my awesome friends there :)



  1. You are there. Just think of all the extra positive life force that will be with you during the 50 day challenge and now that nothing else could be true.

  2. You can do it girlie!! I really hope you're back in the spring, I miss you terribly.
    I will be prayin<3