Thursday, January 28, 2010


i need to learn to keep my commitments, to myself and the rest of myself (in the form of other people).

so far i have kept my commitment to meditate every morning and every night before bed. but i have not kept the commitment to myself to wake up early enough to see the sunrise every morning. it should be an easy commitment, simply a matter of rearranging my sleeping schedule. it's not like i am required to stay up until 3 am every night. it's just how things have happened. how do i change it though? it seems like every time i manage to wake up earlier in the day, i get so tired midway through that i fall asleep and mess it all up again...

i guess commitments take willpower. when making a commitment to oneself, you are making an agreement that you are going to do something that will be good for you, even if one day you don't "feel like it." you must push past the "i don't feel like it" stage, because that is the stage that will always keep us where we are, and stop us from going where we want.

so today, i am going to bed before midnight. i am going to meditate early enough in the night so that i succeed in fulfilling this commitment today. just for today, i am going to bed early enough so that i can wake up and see the sunrise.

just for today, i am going to hold fast to my commitments. just for today, i will stick like glue to the commitments i have made to myself in order that i may experience a balanced and joyful life.

just for today, i will eradicate the laziness that ego creates in me!

loving you all!

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