Wednesday, January 20, 2010

giving to the self through giving to others

over the past two days, i've come to understand how amazing it really is to serve others. this hasn't yet taken the form of actually providing service to others on the physical plane. but i do have thought energy, and that counts for more than anything on the physical plane. thought comes first. everything you see around you now --your table, your coffee mug, your computer keyboard, your tshirt, your sneakers, your iPod-- all of it began as a thought. anything created by a human being had to begin as a thought.

EEG machines, and other brain-scanning technology tells us that a brainwave is a frequency. a thought is a vibration, too high in frequency to perceive with the 5 physical senses. a finished product --a table for example-- is a vibration as well, but it is lower in frequency so that on this physical plane, with these physical senses, we can perceive it. the atoms in a table are vibrating at a certain frequency which makes it "solid" and "brown" (or whatever color... the one i'm looking at is purple), and these traits are picked up by our senses: our eyes can sense the vibration of light which bounces off of the table and tells us it is a certain shape with a certain color and a certain size in a certain distance from you. your hands, or any other part of your body, can confirm its presence on the physical plane, telling you it is solid and it feels like the very shape your eyes are telling you it is. these physical sensations that you get in the presence of a table are not experienced with thoughts. you can imagine feeling these sensations, but the thought frequency is too high for you or anyone else to actually experience the sensations which accompany a physical encounter with a table.

a thought about a table is the same as a table, but the thought about it is higher in frequency, and cannot be perceived with our 5 physical senses. easy to understand, right?

so, in order to make manifest an idea -- in other words, a thought, or a high-frequency vibration that cannot be perceived by the 5 physical senses -- one must lower the vibration of the thought. a sound frequency is a lower vibration than a thought frequency. so voicing a thought aloud brings the vibration closer to that of a solid, measurable, perceivable product. you can sense the vibration of a word using the receptor called your "ear." the sound wave travels down your ear canal to your eardrum, which vibrates in sync with the sound wave. the eardrum's vibration is turned into an electrical signal to the brain, where it is stored in a different place from the original thought. now you have the original neurological pathway that the thought created, as well as the one created by hearing the sound of the thought. written word is also a lower frequency than thought.

i'm getting off track, the point is, manifesting is as easy as lowering the vibration of your thoughts into vibrations that are perceivable by your 5 physical senses, and the 5 physical senses of everyone else! it's not magic, it's science. it's not difficult to grasp.

back to my original point, i have thought energy to offer, and that's where it starts. by offering my thought energy to others, i give to myself. what i've been doing for the past two nights is, instead of trying to manifest good things for myself, i hold all of my friends and family members in my mind, and i put all of my enthusiastic thought and word energy into manifesting a wonderful day for everyone i love. i send my intention to the universe for the blessings of health, happiness, and easy, effortless, and loving interactions with everyone they meet the next day. i do this individually for several people in my life, and it feels so good. the key to manifesting is detachment from outcomes. well, it's super easy to be detached from outcomes when what you are manifesting isn't even in your life and has nothing to do with you.

so even if you think you have nothing to offer, offer your thoughts (prayers, if you will). thoughts DO hold power, and they DO affect matter. that which you offer to the world with love and blessings is always offered in return by the universe. the universe will always mirror the attitude you have. giving regretfully or stingily will result in the universe treating you the same. remember the Golden Law? the energy you send out is the energy you receive. you reap what you sew. do unto others as you would have them do unto you. it is not the Golden Rule. rules can be broken. this is the Golden Law. you cannot break this law, even if you want to. it will ALWAYS be followed, and you will ALWAYS experience the consequences (good or bad) of this law. following it consciously is the way in which you experience freedom. when you consciously give FIRST the energy which you know you enjoy experiencing, BY LAW you will receive the same energy. there's no fake it till you make it either. the universe knows when your words don't match your thoughts! so work on your thoughts first. that is the first step. work on your thoughts. always be aware of what your mind is creating inside your head, because it doesn't just stay there. your thoughts will manifest as the physical "reality" you experience, EVERY SINGLE TIME. whether you like it or not. whether you believe it or not. you don't have to try to manifest things. that's jumping ahead of yourself. cultivate a mind of awareness and love and gratitude and blessings for others, and that is what will manifest in your physical world. you don't have to try to do anything. just be conscious of your thoughts.

hahahaha, this has been one rambling post! i hope at least one person reading this has found some insight in this! hehehe.


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