Monday, March 1, 2010

i don't know why the title bar keeps changing the font to sanskrit, but i kinda like it.

i just realized a couple of things about myself that i would like to erradicate.

one is, when i get really close to getting what i have been asking for, and i decide i want to go for it and enjoy it, part of me gets scared that it's "not right" or that i'll regret it later.

another silly habit i have is of getting bored with an idea of mine before it even gets out of the planning stage.

i'm glad i've noticed these habits of mine, it means i'll be able to recognize when i'm participating in that kind of behavior, and turn in a different direction.

when i find that i begin to have negative emotion, i notice it and i pay attention to the thoughts that have just gone through my mind and i say to myself "these thoughts are bringing me negative emotion. i want positive emotion, so what can i think of that will bring me that?" it's really helpful.

another thing i have been doing is adding "now" to the end of my sentences... like "i need to do my laundry.... NOW" because if i get into the habit of saying "yeah, i'll do that later" it's just the same as saying "i'll get it done, never." there is no such thing as later. there is only Now, and to waste Now is to waste your power. all of your power of forgiveness for the past is NOW. all of your power of pre-paving the future to be happier and healthier is NOW. all of your creation is NOW experienced. any other time does not exist!

i find it so much easier to live life one day at a time. i am really loving my experience!


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