Thursday, March 25, 2010


ok so i've been way lame at updating this regularly as of late... but it's only because my life has just been getting awesomer and awesomer by the day that it's hard to keep up with the other stuff that i once used to keep myself busy :P

now i have to get used to writing about how awesome everything is in new and exciting ways that don't all sound the same.

i think i can do that.

yesterday i made $5 in tips. sweet! then this mother and her 3 kids came in and ordered some lunches... soup and sandwiches. the two girls wanted cupcakes, and they kept asking how much it cost, and they didn't have enough money. so they were asking their mom to help them get cupcakes, but their mom clearly wasn't comfortable spending so much money. but the youngest girl had such a bright twinkle in her eye at the thought of having a cupcake, and she was so sure she could somehow come up with a way of getting enough money scraped together to have one. it reminded me of me! so i bought her and her sister cupcakes with my tip. it worked out perfectly, as the cupcakes are $2.50 each!

i realized i got way more happiness for my dollar in that exchange. if i'd spent the $5 on just myself, i would have experienced happiness for the moment(s) i was relishing in the thing i bought. but because i spent it on those cupcakes for those girls, the happiness was spread to 3 people. and a moment of happiness is so powerful, and 3 people experiencing a moment of happiness in the same proximity is even more powerful. so much flow of goodness happens when several people are happy together. the happiness bounces between them all, growing stronger and stronger, higher and higher. this vibration is so powerful. this is why things like festivals and parties and gatherings of like minds are so amazing to witness.

go to a concert (i recommend phish... or the flaming lips, whom i will be seeing very soon!), and while you're there, tripping face i assume, take a look around. look at all the bodies turned in the direction of the band, writhing and moving to the same rhythm. imagine if you were deaf and at the same concert. you would only be able to feel the rhythms pulsing tangibly through you. how interesting it would be to experience music from that perspective.

music is like the heart. i noticed this when i was at a phish show last year. i did the very thing i described above. i realized that the music was beating us together, and in our frenzied states, we the energized "blood cells" will bring life to the rest of the body. as we talk about how awesome it was, as we spread the joy, as we play the music, as we dance in our rooms... we pump through the veins, merrily dancing along. it wouldn't be so bad to be a red blood cell in a human body. i think it would be fun. the whooOOOOOOOSH! as you swirl through the arteries, dropping of oxygen, picking up CO2, and feeling the rhythm of the ether's music, made manifest by the dub-LUB of the heart muscle. a drum that beats itself for decades on end. and we don't even have to think about it.

ah but i'm rambling. how's that for an update?

more later :D


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