Friday, March 12, 2010


my body is cleansing itself. it's a little uncomfortable, but with my newest mantras, i am transcending the discomfort and looking forward to the new, fresh, energized body that awaits me!

my new mantras are

"this is only temporary..."
"i might as well feel good right now."

it's really helping a lot, because i know that my throat is going to be sore whether i feel happy or sad. my muscles are going to be achy whether or not i have positive thoughts flowing through my mind constantly. this temporary discomfort within my body temple is simply the difference between my mind's vibration and the vibration that has been held within my cells for so long. i'm glad that my body is so intelligent that it knows exactly how to clean itself out. and even though it's a little bit uncomfortable for a few days, i know the reward of a healthy, bendy, fresh body is going to be very worth it! i'd rather have a couple of days of intense discomfort than a longer period of time dealing with mediocre comfort. all of the gunk that built up in my body for years is finally being shucked, and i'm really looking forward to the experience of health and energy that i will soon meet up with!

i am really thankful to have a body. and i'm really glad that my body is beautiful and healthy. i feel very good knowing that Source is always providing me with well-being, and that i am doing such a good job of allowing it to flow into my experience! i'm glad i know the things i know! i have come so very far in the mastery of my mind! i'm really proud of myself.

it feels so much better to have this mindset in an experience of "sickness" than it is to experience sickness with a low mindset like an older version of me used to have. i'm really glad i've done the "work" it takes to focus my thoughts in a positive direction. it's so easy to do now, because i'm just always doing it! new habits of thought! and i thought it would be hard, but it totally isn't once you realize what negative emotion indicates! if you haven't checked out Abraham-Hicks on youtube yet, i definitely recommend you do that now. of course, you may or may not click with the message they have, but don't worry. all in good time, my friends!


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