Saturday, June 25, 2011

pruning a thorny rose bush

it seems to be so easy for old habits to creep back in, like a thorny weed overgrowing a garden. today i was trimming a plant. it was in our back yard and my dad had thought it was a weed and trimmed it back, and when he did so, it began to flower. so he re-planted it in our front garden so it would grow up the side of our house. it is incredibly vigorous though, and after only a couple of weeks, there were thorny, grabby shoots reaching out into our driveway. i trimmed a lot of the branches off completely, hoping to re-direct the plant's energy into the shoots that were reaching up the house.

i suppose one must treat the mind like a plant in this way. there are thorns and if you allow it to grow unruly, they will grab at you and get stuck to you and you will have a harder time trimming it and keeping it directed in the way you like. but if you do regular maintenance, it will grow in the way you want, and you won't be grabbed by prickers reaching in the wrong direction. the emotions tell you which direction the mind is growing in; negative emotion indicates that the mind is growing away from Who You Truly Are, and positive, loving emotions indicate that the mind is growing towards Who You Truly Are. soon, with the right pruning and nurturing, you will have a beautiful flowering creation that displays your care and attention.

paying attention to the mind as well as the emotions is important. it becomes an art form, and i feel like i am in kindergarten using crayons and coloring books! but we all have to start somewhere, so the best i can do is act like a kindergartener and just laugh at everything. everything's gonna be alright.


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