Thursday, June 16, 2011

i am Creator

i am letting go of burdens i once thought i needed to carry.

i am allowing myself to be stretched open by the vastness of Cosmic Penetration.

i am letting the layers of fabric that have been thrown over me in embarrassment and shame, be stripped from me to reveal my naked and quivering flesh.

i am opening my mouth wide and sucking the orgasm from Life's enormous dick. the cum is sweet and thirst-quenching, and the afterglow is heady and smells of early summer.

i am donning my cape and flying around the world, performing miracles and breathing life into that which was once thought to be dead.

i am alighting upon a hillside and surrendering all guises and asking a Tree to show me the Way. finding my questions silently answered, and my worries deeply soothed from below and above, i give Thanks, and frolic home to find more trouble to get into.

i am remembering that all the experience is Perfection, and it is because i am exploring an infinitely-faceted diamond that i feel the peaks and planes. if i wanted to feel only one feeling, i would explore a crystal ball. but that would be a different thing altogether, now wouldn't it?

i am feeling my heart open wide to hug my lover, my Father, my Mother, my Friend, my Self.

i am caught in a third-person sensation as i artfully butter my english muffin, and catch mySelf gazing lovingly through my eyes at the human that i wear every day. she is so adorable. i love her, sweet thing.


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  1. Gorgeous post. Thanks for sharing so openly and honestly!