Wednesday, June 22, 2011

stretching the heart

pain is the experience of the heart stretching open to receive more love. pain is when the heart has been small and stiff for a long time, but the time comes for enormous amounts of love to flow through. at first, in a massage, there is pain where the knots have accumulated and are kneeded out by a loving masseuse. after the knots have softened and relaxed (released resistance), the massage is able to penetrate the tissue to deep levels. love may hurt at first, especially if one has closed the heart to it for so long. but once the heart has been pummeled with the force of it, Love is able to penetrate the tissues, physical and etherial.

i intend to let go and allow the penetration, though it may hurt at first. it may burn and sting and ache. it does. it won't forever though. i trust that eventually, this enormous amount of love that wants to flow through me will feel like bliss. for now it feels mildly uncomfortable, and that is progress. there was a time when it felt incredibly painful and i couldn't handle it. it was heavy and intense and i couldn't share it with anyone around me, because they were closed-off, too.

today, things are different. this powerful River of Love has blasted my heart open, and is ever-expanding me and my capacity for love. it is intense, and i have resisted much. but the more i experience the pain of resisting my own Love, the more i understand the importance of releasing and allowing. the easier it becomes to find the eye of the storm. the more i am able to trust what my feelings are telling me and the direction in which i need to focus.

i'm going to be okay. i'll be better than okay. the more i get the hang of this, the more fun i have in life. that is the whole point: to have fun. i'm getting this, and i'm going to be great. i am great. everything is wonderful.


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  1. emotion is transient. even when it feels as though everything is a wreck and life is falling apart it only takes one simple gesture, incident or encounter to flip the switch and illuminate once again.