Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the importance of focus

as humans, with limited perspective and control over the way life works, we have one job.

focus the mind in the right direction.

this is all we truly have control over in life. people, places, events come and go. emotions come and go. things come and go. we have one choice we must make at every turn in the road, and that is "shall i look at this situation in a way that makes me feel a little better or a little worse?"

this is the most powerful choice anyone can make. and without focus, it is easy to make this choice by default. i've found myself lacking focus lately, and i've noticed that it truly affects the outcome of any situation in my life. when you consciously make the choice to think about things in a way that feels a little better, it keeps you open to possibilities. it allows things to come in. it allows your awareness to alight upon ideas that may have been out of reach had you chosen to think otherwise.

i am glad i am coming back to my powerful place of focus. i'm glad i chose to de-rail my own train for a little while, because it just reinforces my understanding of how good it feels to be on-track. it gives me power while the physical world around me shifts and changes. it gives me my sealegs back.

focus is very much like sea legs because while the waves and winds of the physical world toss and turn your boat around, you have stability in this moment now. and you know what you can do next, and you don't panic.

this is the simplest key to living the life of one's dreams, and it is funny that i forgot its importance. but i'm glad i'm remembering, and i'm glad i'm taking up the reigns again. this feels good :)

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