Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the end of a chapter titled "A Kite in a Tempest."

yes this chapter is closed. relationships, however brief or longterm, are chapters that all have endings. the pain comes from trying to continue the chapter beyond its end point.

this most recent chapter was turbulent, full of tension between my heart's truest Knowing, and my mind trying to convince itself that this was what i wanted. in the end, i could not ignore my heart any further. and after the end, i waded through a mire of discordant emotion resulting from the mind's attempt at continuing the chapter.

i have ended it in a clean way, with blessings all around. i am ready to write the new chapter of my life's story, whatever it may contain, and whatever my character may learn and experience.

i know what i deserve in a true-love relationship, and i know what my heart feels like when it knows this is "not it." so i am sure i will know when i know "this is it."

i am not going back to the old and painful dramatic writing of previous relationships. i have a deep, conscious, powerful heart connection being prepared for me, and i am ready and willing to wait for it to cook in the ethers. in the meantime, i am gonna have some fun and continue letting go and allowing the All to open my heart wide.


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