Monday, April 26, 2010

more new ground

it is amazing, the rate at which i am expanding in consciousness these days. i seriously have no idea what kind of place i'll be in next week, because i just may learn something truly profound about myself.

i've been learning about money in particular. i just discovered a dude named Dr. John Demartini. he's accumulated a wealth of knowledge in many areas over the past few decades, and he has a way of pulling examples from his knowledge bank and creating a tangible way of understanding the way things work in the physical world. i've spent the past few months learning about how the energy of it all works. now i'm making a nice segway into the practical application of it all. it's inspired me to understand my values, shift my attitude, and become empowered. i feel great!

here's an interview between him and a lovely woman named lilou mace.

i hope you appreciate his perspective as much as i do! i've already ordered 3 of his books and am looking forward to making profound changes in my life!

loving you all!

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