Monday, November 30, 2009

my disclaimer

i need to be honest and up front with myself and everyone who reads this.

i am learning, just like all of you. i write in this blog so that i may try to sort out my thoughts, or at least put them somewhere other than in my mind. it becomes overwhelming to constantly have these things chattering at me. so this blog is very much like my journal. but i choose to allow you all to read it because i feel that by opening myself and my experience to you, and showing you all aspects of me, unfiltered, perhaps you all may find some insight into your own personal situations. i do not claim to know everything for all of you. you must make the judgement whether what i say holds true for you or not. not everything i write is necessarily with the intention of teaching or making myself look good. i am just trying to figure things out, just like everyone else.

therefore, please take everything i say, and consider whether or not it is true for you. please understand that i am merely expressing thoughts. not every thought is a true thought. indeed, many of my thoughts are dark and shrouded by ego. sometimes i have to express those before i can recognize them as untrue. try to take what i say from an objective standpoint, and don't become hurt by my expression. if i write something that you disagree with or that you find hurtful, please tell me and i will try to amend it in my next post. as in my "real" life, my truth is constantly growing and evolving. you can observe this evolution of personal truth in the blog posts. i will not remove anything i have previously written. i will only clarify or make amendments or give light to something i have learned since in the next post.

thank you all for taking the time to peek into my experience. i know i sometimes may seem cold, or harsh in the way i regard others. please know that i am constantly making strides to change those parts of me which no longer serve me and those around me.

i love all of you. thanks for your patience and love and understanding :)

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