Friday, November 13, 2009


last night i got food poisoning.  i was up all night throwing up.  it got to the point where i was so miserably thirsty, but whenever i drank any water, i just threw it up again, making me feel thirstier.  now, i'm just achy everywhere.  i've been "sleeping" all day, but it's one of those sleeps where  you feel like you're more awake than asleep because your dreams are obnoxiously loud.  

being sick is not always a bad thing.  even though i felt miserable, i still had to remind myself to be thankful that my body is so healthy and intelligent that it can discern what is good for it and what is poisonous.  my body is so smart that it refuses to try and digest toxicity, which would thereby fill every cell in my body with toxicity.  

vomiting and diarrhea are probably the body's most interesting abilities.  as soon as the gut detects poison, all efforts are directed at evacuating the digestive system.  undigested food in the intestines speeds along, faster than usual, to be expelled as quickly as possible (albeit unpleasantly).  the body wastes no time in separating water from the waste.  to do that would be to risk further poisoning the body.  the stomach decides that nothing may enter until everything that may be toxic is evacuated, including water.  

our gut is one intelligent part of the puzzle.  science experiments have shown that the gut has its own nervous system that makes decisions independent of the brain.  in an experiment i saw on the Science Channel, scientists took a piece of rat intestine, suspended it in a life-preserving liquid, and put a plastic pellet up to one end.  the intestine sucked up the pellet and moved it along, "digesting" it until it popped out the other end.  this piece of intestine was not attached to any living animal, and therefore was not controlled by the brain.  what does this say about the body? that there is more going on than we fully understand.

on the cellular level, each cell carries the same properties as the body, only on a small scale.  respiratory, digestive, excretory, and reproductive systems are found in each cell.  Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist, applies fractal theory to the human body.  fractal theory, if you are unfamiliar with the term, is described in the phrase "as above, so below."  in other words, that which is on the large scale is mimicked by the small scale.  the universe is fractal in nature.  imagine, for example, the planet earth.  zoom out and you see the solar system:  a star (an energy body) with planets (smaller energy bodies) orbiting it.  look out from the solar system and you see more stars, many of which also have solar systems.  now zoom out and you have the milky way galaxy:  a center of energy with energy orbiting it.  look out from there, and you see what appear to be more stars, but which are really more galaxies.  now zoom out from that and you have the universe.  can you zoom out further?  

now let's go back to the earth.  zoom in this time, and you have a human.  actually, billions of humans.  zoom into one human, and we see the organs and systems that make up the physical human body.  zoom into any one cell that makes up one of those organs, and you see that each cell ALSO has organs and systems, only on a very miniscule scale.  now zoom in and you see the atoms that make up each cell.  billions of them.  and what does an atom look like?

a center of energy, with smaller bits of energy orbiting it.  

can you zoom in further?

if the universe is fractal (ie REPETITIVE) in nature, and the human cell is simply a microcosm of the human body, then what is the human body a microcosm of?  we are each individual cell bodies in the larger cell body of the earth.  the earth is one very large organism that lives and breathes just like every little organism found on its surface.

if this is so, then it can be said that disease within the human body is likened to war, famine, and pollution in the larger scale of humanity.  

when my body detects something toxic within it, all efforts are directed at purging, evacuating the poison so as to continue the survival of the organism.  looking at the earth as an organism, it is no wonder that so many more storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural "disasters" have been occurring lately.  we have been poisoning our planet and she is throwing up all over the place, trying to save herself from the toxicity.  we must work quickly to come together and heal ourselves and the planet.  it's easy to do.

we just all have to agree to do it.

when every single little cell does its part, the whole organism is allowed to flourish.  each cell only carries enough food and oxygen to survive for 2 seconds at a time.  this is because all of the cells are working in harmony, sharing with and healing each other.  there is no separation.  a cell that is separate is an amoeba, and those don't live very long.  when cells in the human body decide to stop cooperating with the rest of the body, the phenomena known as "cancer" occurs.  cancer cells do not listen to the rest of the cells around it, and grow and reproduce out of control, eventually killing the organism.  sound familiar?  

not one dictator or CEO or president is enough to stop billions of people stepping up to the plate.  not one negative voice is strong enough to drown out billions of positive people crying in unison for change.  we cannot wait for one talking head to call us to action.  we must take matters into our own hands, because now it's down to the wire.  

stop falling victim to circumstance.  take the reins of your life and "be the change you wish to see in the world."  


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