Friday, November 20, 2009

you are more important than anyone in your universe

the best way to find your soul mate is to FIND YOUR SOUL.

stop looking for anything or anyone OUTSIDE of YOURSELF. your one true love should first be loving your SELF. this goes against everything you've ever learned previous, but stop putting others before yourself. if you can't be happy and loving in your own right, there is no way you can give anyone else the love and happiness they deserve.

if everything in your reality is created by you (and it is, as quantum physics and other sciences are proving every day now), then if you are unhappy or unfulfilled or unsatisfied, so too will be the people around you. that's not to say that you must make yourself feel good at the expense of others. however, when you are happy, you can give happiness to others. when you love yourself as you are right now, then everyone else will sense it and will love you back. this makes it much easier to love everyone else in return! i know this from experience! it's impossible to receive the gift of love if you cannot give it to yourself. you can say this about any feeling: freedom, peace, happiness... even the negative ones; sadness, hatred, fear, etc. the golden rule is not something you can either follow or not. it's more like the Golden Law, which applies much like the Law of Gravity. it is constant and consistent. it is IMPOSSIBLE to treat anyone like anything OTHER than yourself. therefore, put yourself first, treat yourself with love and respect, and it will make it much easier to give others the love and respect you hope for them to feel.

like bob marley says "when you worry your face will frown, and that will bring everybody down! don't worry, be happy!

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