Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shall I Compare Thee to a Midsummer Night's Dream?

It is fantastic to be falling so passionately in love with my own Dream.  She is no longer a thing I have to chase after.  She is a living, breathing creature who is moving me and lighting me on fire every chance she gets.  I have to know her.  I have to commune with her.  She has taken over my life.

She has me whipped.

Anything and anyone that doesn't fit into my Dream's unfoldment will be tossed from my life like a bug on the wind.  Indeed, anyone whose presence will catalyze Dream's swift manifestation must be drawn to me immediately, and in perfect timing.

I am allowing Dream to tilt my sails and catch the cosmic winds that will take me swiftly in the direction of Her home.

I realized that any partner I choose to take must also be in love with their Dream.  And since they are a part of my Dream, and I am a part of theirs, we must fall in love through our own Dreams.  Indeed, we must already be in love with our own Dreams if we are to see each other for who we are to each other:  aspects of our own Dream.

When two people whose Dreams match come together... holy shit... I can only imagine the incredible power to create that those two would hold.  I look forward to experiencing this firsthand.  But the funny thing is, right now I don't feel any kind of longing for a relationship, or any of the benefits that may come with it.  I only feel love and excitement for my Dream, and I feel Her Presence with me, giggling and encouraging me and loving on me as I sit here and write about Her.

One day this passion is going to over flow, and Dream will have no choice but to present someone I can take it out on!  That will be an exciting day.

I love you, Dream.


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