Thursday, October 25, 2012

God, I need help getting back on track.

It seem like no matter how many times I directly experience my intuition telling me "No, this isn't for you, let it go and let something else come in," I continue to try and manipulate things into being what I think I want them to be.  And I manipulate myself into believing that it's possible for my intuition to be wrong.

NEWSFLASH!  My intuition has NEVER been wrong.

EVERY time I have tried to push something into existence, it has backfired.  EVERY time I have tried to be with a man who wasn't right for me, I have been heartbroken.  EVERY time I have gone against myself, listened to my mind instead of my heart, and ignored my own Truth and Desire, I have been miserable.  This feeling of drag, exhaustion, low vibration is telling me that I am going the wrong way! It is telling me that I am focusing in the wrong direction.  I am ignoring my True Self and Her desires.

I am ignoring my Dream.

I want to recommit to my Dream.  The urge for sex is so powerful and it is weighing me down.  This vibrational habit I have created around sex is sapping my energy and distracting me from my Dream.  All I can do is feel.

There is a lot of power here that I have not been flowing.  Once I let go and open up and allow this energy to fill me and give me Life, I will feel much better and I will gain a lot of altitude and speed.  It's ok that I am where I am.  I know where I am based on how I feel.  Where I am is not wrong, and I can get to where I want to be from here.  I know this.  But for now, I must be here and just experience this.

I'll be feeling better in no time.



  1. One of the tricky aspects of being creative is giving flight to our dreams while making sure our bodies and minds get taken care of, so we can realize those dreams. Sometimes it takes some thought and work to find the right balance.

  2. Also, getting frustrated at ourselves as we find that balance doesn't help that process. So don't. :-)