Friday, December 4, 2009

I say ye shall have enlightenment if ye do call upon patience as your armament and declare yourselves deserving

i just visited a website that a friend i met in San Diego told me about. it's called, and there are several e-books on the site, including the entire Golden Scripts, which apparently is very rare to find in print anymore.

the quote in the title is from the Golden Scripts, and it is a perfect summation of what i have been learning and REALizing (ie: making REAL in my life) since this summer.

anyone can be enlightened. it is not just a privelage given to a select few, like jesus, the buddha, hare krishna, etc. these people were examples that we can all embody IN REAL LIFE, IN THIS DAY AND AGE, AT ANY AGE.

there are a few simple keys to enlightenment, that everyone can understand if they so choose.

first you must know that you deserve to know the Truth.

you must then realize that you ALREADY know the Truth, and always have.

the Truth is: I am God. Everyone around me is not separate from me, but One with me. The appearance of separation is an illusion. I am God, and everyone and everything around me and within me is God as well.

once you understand and accept this Truth as being True, you can then take steps to embody that Truth. follow the Golden Law consciously, rather than unconsciously. it is not a Golden Rule, because rules can be broken. the Golden Law applies 100% of the time, whether you believe in it or not.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. that is; put forth the energy you wish to receive; what goes around comes around.

do you wish to have more love in your life? more money? more blessings? give them first. all the world is a system of energy exchange. you breathe in oxygen, you breathe out carbon dioxide, which trees breathe in and in turn breathe out oxygen. exchange of energy. a smile is energy. a kind word. a hug. eye contact. these are all very simple forms of energy. when you consciously put forth these forms of energy in positive and loving ways, you will notice receiving much more positive and loving energy in other forms from other people.

you've heard the term "karma's a bitch." well not if you use her to your advantage! karma is there to serve. karma will always serve back to you multifold that which you have served to others. karma does not judge. karma does not care who you are, what your name is, how "important" or "unimportant" you think you are. karma is consistent and predictable. do you wish to receive? then GIVE FIRST, without the expectation of reciprocity. give with love, with detachment, and with thanks. because that which you give another, you give yourself.

these are all things that have been said before. i am not the first to say any of this. but because i am a peer to most of you who read this, i think it probably makes it easier to listen to and understand.

the whole world works in the same way that the human body works. each cell lives joyfully to serve the Whole. it fears not for its own survival, but rather knows that the work it does for the cells around it will come back benefit it. this is because EVERY SINGLE CELL IS OF THIS MIND. every cell is working selflessly. in being selfless, it survives easier and for a longer time than those cells which stand alone (amoebas, paramecia, etc).

if we wish to see change come to this planet (and i hope you all wish to see change come to this planet, because there is a lot going on right now that needs to be remedied quickly), we need to stop being so freaked out by eachother. stop being so afraid to MAKE EYE CONTACT. stop worrying about getting what's "rightfully yours" and ask yourself how you can help another achieve what is rightfully theirs. ask yourself what you have to offer another.

because every single one of you has something to offer. don't worry about how big or small of an impact it may seem to have. don't worry about what people will think of you. just offer your service. eventually people will come to you to receive that service. and you will soon find yourself receiving a lot more than you are giving out.

you deserve all the wealth, abundance, and love that the universe has to offer.

fear not.

be love.

one love
one heart
let's get together and
feel alright.


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