Thursday, December 24, 2009

happy holiday!

today is xmas eve, and everyone's freaking out!

we are missing the point, people! christmas is the time of year when everyone should be remembering that love is all there is. if jesus was walking this earth today, i have a feeling that he wouldn't be promoting mass consumerism, trampling pregnant women at the doors of wal-mart, and yelling at your kids because you're so stressed from running around buying stuff.

"but wait, isn't this the season of giving?" you ask. yes. it is the season of giving. EVERY season should be one of giving. but we forget that sharing is caring (and not just in terms of passing a joint) all the time, and so we try to cram all of our giving into one month-long period of time. it stresses people out, and therefore defeats the purpose.

giving to each other is supposed to make life easier, less stressful. in the body, every cell lives in perfect harmony, because everything is shared. food, water, hormones, enzymes, other chemicals and proteins and molecules. anything that is needed for living is shared between cells. there is no one cell that has way more than any other cell. there is no cell that has far too less than any other cell. EVERYONE SHARES EVERYTHING. there is no point in the year when human cells run to wal-mart for the best deal on a digestive enzyme, or an amino acid, just for that special someone who has been DYING for it all year. the idea of that is ridiculous, is it not?

so why do we do this as humans? we withhold our abundance from those around us, protecting it with our LIVES, worrying ourselves when we think someone might TAKE what is OURS from us. but then during a one-month period of the year, we rush to the stores, trying to get the cheapest deals on the most frivolous nonsense to buy for our family and friends. we freak out in the process, worrying about what the other person would want, or whether they would like it. we buy these people things to further fret over and protect for the remainder of their lives. it's a silly cycle.

if you have found yourself freaking out about the material aspect of christmas, stop and ask yourself this: on my deathbed, will i be looking back on this one day and thinking about what i GOT and what i BOUGHT? or will i look back and think about the beautiful people who surrounded me with love, compassion, and spirit?

i hope all of you find the christmas spirit within, and i hope you all try to keep it throughout 2010. that is my resolution, i think. to make every day christmas in spirit. to give with my heart and soul, not because i'm supposed to. not because "it's the season." but because it brings me joy to see other's happy and fulfilled, and if something i give brings happiness and fulfillment to another's life, then i don't need anything else.

much love to you all!

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