Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life and Death: A Love Story

usually i do my best to ignore most of the goings-on in the old world. i am focusing as much of my mental energy as i can on creating my new world. but in lieu of the recent death of Osama Bin Ladin, and how stirred-up everyone is over it, i think this is an appropriate time to put my thoughts into written form. it's really annoying to have my opinion floating around in my head without being expressed somewhere!

when i first found out about Bin Ladin's death, i was completely nonplussed. it's been such a long time since i even thought of that "reality" that it was pretty much old news to me.

then, all the opinions started flying on facebook. it was rather difficult to ignore an old reality that seemed to be seeping into mine. half of my friends spouted political hyperbabble, theorizing what this would mean to the rest of the world. the other half posted a viral MLK quote, which, as it turns out, is completely erroneous. but none of these opinions really resonated with me, and i didn't know why.

until i remembered.

there is no such thing as death.

energy is flowing, moving, shifting, transforming. but even physics will tell you that there is no beginning or end to an energy. what appears to be an end is really just a shift into a different form. the physical body that was once referred to as Osama Bin Ladin may not be animated of its own accord anymore, but the Spirit that experienced life through that body does exist, and has expanded as a result of the contrast lived. not only this, but the thought-form that Bin Ladin accumulated around himself still exists. fear, hatred, anger, and all of those vibrations still exist. and obviously you can't kill fear, hatred, and anger with guns or weapons or anything physical. really, trying to do so will only feed those vibrations and make them stronger, more prevalent.

Bin Ladin was like the canary in the coal mine. he embodied such an extreme form of low vibration that it brought forth that vibration that was hidden within us all. we even justified acting from that vibrational level by saying "he started it!"

the best thing any of us can do is feel the emotional response to the idea of Bin Ladin. stop telling the story of why he was wrong and we are right. stop telling the story of who he hurt and what went wrong, and blah blah blah. stop telling those stories and FEEL the emotion. feel it. don't label it as wrong. don't push it away. don't run from it. don't even talk about it. feel it and surrender to it. allow it to exist. because if we keep pushing against it, trying to eradicate all anger, fear, sadness, pain, and hatred, it's just going to grow angrier and sadder, more painful and more fearful.

those emotions are like children who have been deprived of love. they are literally throwing temper tantrums, BEGGING for love, and we are trying to shut them up by spanking them and sending them to their room with no dinner. how is this loving? how is this resolving anything? how does this make us righteous?

let us embrace all of Everything. God/Goddess/the Universe/The Field/Universal Intelligence/The Divine/Consciousness exists everywhere, in everything. that includes Osama Bin Ladin. that includes George W. Bush. that includes "our" side and "their" side. that includes the lion and the lamb. it is all one thing experiencing itself. we can judge "right" and "wrong" all we like, but it only separates us further and holds us back from fully recognizing our True Selves.

so that's my two cents. i'm letting go of it now.


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  1. Beautiful! I completely agree. Much of what is being said is filled with hyperbole and righteousness. Until we embrace how WE contribute to this game peace will never happen. It all starts within but we have become so programmed to believe that the answer lies on the outside. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.