Monday, April 18, 2011

jack of speed

i have joined the local Roller Derby team in my town. it is so much fun! and i am super sore.

there's something very satisfying about being sore from exerting lots of physical energy doing something fun. tonight was my first practice, and i have been dubbed "Fresh Meat" for now. i like that :P

i had a mild epiphany during practice. i noticed i felt more stable the faster i was going, and it was easier to go around the bend without losing balance, because the momentum would keep me from falling. yes, going faster means that falling hurts more. but that's part of the game.

it's the same with life. when you get goin' at that really high, fast vibration, feeling really good and getting shit done... that feels great, and it is more stable. sure, if you let yourself get distracted, or you trip over some negative feeling, it will probably hurt worse than if you were plodding along at a steady rate of unhappiness, and then an unfortunate event presented itself to you... the latter would be like just another bump in the road.

but that's part of the game. you might get a few bruises. they'll heal. you just pick yourself up and keep on skating. at the end of the day, it is far more satisfying to be beaten-up and sore because you really played the game, than to feel comfortable and lazy, having never stretched your limits.


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