Friday, May 6, 2011


i'm not entirely sure what i came here to write, but here goes...

i'm realizing more and more that i am purely vibrational in nature. it's as if the physical reality i perceive is this blanket that lays over the vibrational reality that is invisible. and where there is a crease in the fabric, i know there is a vibration that needs smoothing. it's as though i just gained a new pair of eyes, but they don't see light. and i've gained a new pair of hands, but they don't mould clay. it's as though my very being stretches out beyond my skin and muscle and bone and out into eternity.

these are things i've heard before from others, and yes it's all very poetic. but i'm actually feeling it now. how interesting it is to be alive and focused in a physical body, yet very aware of the true Essence of Who I Am.


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