Tuesday, May 10, 2011

complaining vs. appreciation

i am currently doing business in boston. i'm buying textbooks back from college students through a buy-back company. the first couple days were stressful, and i found myself feeling very complainy, which is not normal for me anymore. usually i catch myself pretty quick, but i found myself on a downward-spiral, and ended up venting to my friend about all the things i found wrong with this operation.

sometimes you need to get it out of you so you can look at it and decide if it's what you really want, you know?

so this morning, i woke up, and in that hazy half-dream-consciousness in the snoozes between alarm rings, i decided that today was going to be my day of appreciation. no more complaining.

and it was amazing!

first of all, i truly appreciate myself for recognizing this, and making an empowered choice to change my focus. and then actually doing it. and succeeding at it!

i spent hours waiting for folks to come by to sell me their textbooks, and i just watched people go by and listed things i appreciated about them just based on the few moments i saw them as they walked past me. at one point, when i was feeling really good from appreciating so much, a whole gaggle of high school track-running dudes ran by me while they were all laughing! it was perfect! i even made friends with our "competition," who happens to be set up right next to us. the girl running that show turned out to be really nice and we decided to join efforts and look out for each other. i like that a lot.

it was really like Abraham-Hicks says: when you know what you don't want, you automatically know what you do want. focus all of your attention on that, and you will begin to come back into alignment with Who You Are. in my case, it was as simple as knowing that i didn't want to complain anymore, because it really left a bad taste in my mouth, so to speak. so i turned all of my attention onto appreciating, and i felt amazing the whole day. the more i get used to these high vibrations, the faster i snap back into them if i start to dip down into lower vibrations and old habits. i'm really becoming aware. and i'm becoming aware more and more each day that i have so far to go... i have eternity to evolve, and i'm never going to get it done. it's ok to text the limits and explore and "forget" for a day or two, because it serves as a great affirmation of what i know to be True. during times when i start to doubt, i'll find myself in scenarios like i did yesterday, and i'll prove to myself that there is no doubt... i am creating my reality, and what i focus on generates what i attract, and it gets bigger and bigger the more energy i add to it. there is no doubt about that at all, i can see very clearly that this is what happened yesterday. i'm glad i did that and explored out on the rough and ragged edge, because now i feel my focus is more strongly on what is going right. and i am keeping a sharper eye out on my habits now than ever before, firmly planting my feet in the direction of appreciation instead of complaint.

i'm looking forward to tomorrow and the new appreciation adventure i will take!


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