Wednesday, May 26, 2010

creativity, bonnaroo, and other loveliness

i have had the most wonderful flow of creative energy lately. i love it so much. i made two paintings today! and i just finished carving a face into sculpey clay, from which i am creating a mold. then i'm going to make glass and silver castings of it, which i will turn into jewelry!

yesterday i sold another subscription to my magazine. i had a fantastic day yesterday.

things are getting better and better! i must be in a state of allowing, because i saw two people today that i've been wanting to see for a while! i want to make tomorrow even more awesome than today and yesterday and the day before and the day before have been. oh my goodness, i have been having such a great week! i can't express it enough!

i'm getting very excited about BONNAROO! the universe has cooked up something wonderful for me, and i am loving the unfoldment of it! today i had a strange moment. i was writing in my journal, and i suddenly wanted to look something up online... but then i picked up my iPod touch to do so, but then just as suddenly i forgot what it was i wanted to look up. i had a feeling i should just go to the bonnaroo website and see if something new was there... and what do you know! a contest to win 2 tickets to bonnaroo, and press passes and a video camera with which to interview the music artists! ace! it's mine, i just know it. hello to the b-roo/wired rep who's reading this now saying "haha, word!" thanks for picking me :D

i love all of you, and i hope you are having as much fun as i am!

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