Sunday, October 10, 2010

it's 10/10/10

well, it's october 10, 2010. that means by the time i post this, it will be 10:10 on 10/10/10

it's my mom's birthday today, and she turned 55. her birthday was 10/10/55. pretty awesome numerology there, huh?


so far, it's been a great month! many things are manifesting, not just for me, but for a lot of friends of mine. it's also been a very intense month, emotionally and energetically. it's difficult to explain... but it's not just me. several of my friends have reported similar feelings to mine: oscillations between sheer joy, to overwhelming emotion that seems to have no logical reason. it's beautiful, and it's strange, and it's exciting. i'm so thrilled to see what is coming. i can feel that big things are ready to pop! it feels very much like i imagine a pregnancy would feel... i am just waiting for the universe to give birth to all the amazing manifestations that are incubating right now. and i am feeling excited, just like an expectant mother would.

last night i dreamed that my neighbors approached me and told me about a place where you could get pumpkins for one dollar each. then today, my sister and i went to the mall to get a birthday gift for my mother, and on the way back (taking the scenic route) we came right up to a pumpkin place that had a big ol' sign that said "Pumpkins $1!" we cracked up, because i had told her about the dream, and she had said "there's a place somewhere around here that has pumpkins for cheap... but i don't know where it is." she has just started driving, so i was giving her directions, and at one point we came to an intersection and i didn't know which way was fastest to go home, but there were two signs, and one pointed to a town that was familiar to me, and i knew how to get home from there. so i said "let's go right." and about a mile down that road was the pumpkin patch! we were so thrilled, we stuck an extra dollar in the box (after we folded them all into little origami hearts, of course).

also, it was a beautiful day! incredibly warm, especially for october. it was warm even for august or july! fall is going to be a slow and languid transition this year. that's fine by me. many people are very anxious that we haven't had a frost yet.... "it's global warming! it's fucked up!" but i believe that everything in this world is in its perfect place, including the temperature. i'm not justifying polluting the environment or anything... but i have faith in a much larger force, and i am giving up my worries to that force, knowing that it can handle these comparatively small problems. when more of us are able to do this... to release this anxiety and fear... then we will find the planet is amazingly capable of bringing herself into balance.

i'm so very thankful to be living on this planet, in this body, at this time. it's amazing to witness the things that are happening right now. i am so excited for what is coming, and i am so appreciative of the value of past challenges. and i know that i am in the right place. everything is arranging itself for my greatest happiness and growth, as well as yours and everyone else's.

thank you for choosing to come to this planet, to help create a glorious experience of love and peace, the likes of which humanity has yet to see. we are blessed to have you join us.

happy 10/10/10 everybody! it's not gonna happen again for another 1000 years (and who knows, by then we may not have numbers assigned to months and years...)


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