Tuesday, October 12, 2010

first a pumpkin patch, then an old fellow high school student?

another weird dream coincidence today...

i had a dream that these girls brought in a huge pita bread (HUGE, like 6 feet in diameter) and they unfolded it on the ground, and i was like WHOA! who made that? and one of them said "katie r. made it" and i was like "oh." then today at work, katie r. comes in and orders a chai latte and i'm like DUDE! you were in my dream last night! and she was like "uh..." (hahaha, the relationship between us in high school, where we knew each other, was zilch... i knew who she was, she knew who i was, but we didn't talk at all, and i hadn't seen her since graduation).

anyway, i thought it was funny, not only because she is random person to have in my dream, but that she just as randomly showed up at my work RIGHT when i was there!


i had a great success coaching session with matthew ashdown (http://www.matthewashdown.com/) and i am so excited for more! what a sweet dude!

i feel like life is unfolding magnificently, and it's getting easier and easier to trust in that greater Order, and allow it to be. :D

anyway, i don't have much fluffy stuff to say right now, i just wanted a record of my dream synchronicity.


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